What We Offer: Member companies of RACECA provide the following services in Roads and Civil Engineering Construction:

Service Area


Construction and Rehabilitation of National Highways, Rural and Urban Roads RACECA members are regularly employed by the Kenya National Highways Authority, the Kenya Rural Roads Authority and the Kenya Urban Roads Authority in their numerous projects through out the country, they are also employed predominantly by the governments of Tanzania, Uganda, Ethopia and Southern Sudan among other Eastern Africa nations.
Repair and Rehabilitation of International and Regional Airports RACECA members are frequently commissioned to build and/or rehabilitate International and Regional Airports throughout Africa.
Construction of Airstrips RACECA members are often required to construct Airstrips in the Eastern African region as a temporary access to remote sites or for use by some local communities requiring permanent facilities for light aircraft to reach them.
Major Concrete and Structural Works such as Bridges and Flyovers Major roads and railway projects involve the construction of substantial structures for grade seperation. RACECA members construct these bridges and flyovers using reinforced concrete, structural steel and a combination of both.
Development of Industrial Parks The development of industrial parks and projects in already established industrial areas are works in which RACECA members specialize.
Development of Commercial Complexes and Residential Estates RACECA members are extensively involved in real estate development for commercial and residential use. Our members work closely with Developers, Architects and Consulting Engineers to develop real estate throughout the region
Construction and Rehabilitation of Gravel Roads RACECA membership consists of construction companies of varying sizes all of which undertake construction and rehabilitation of gravel roads. This work is however associated with our smaller members many of which are located regionally and who work from their head quarters in various parts of the region.
Trunk Sewers, Oxidation Ponds and Treatment Works A conciderable number of our members specialize in public health engineering works, which includes the construction of sewers, oxidation ponds and sewerage treatment plants mainly for the municipal authorities through out the region and they specialist public health authorities.
Milling and Recycling of Asphalt Roads A conciderable number of major roads in Eastern Africa have been constructed with Asphalt Surfacing which although damaged by traffic, contains valuable quantities of bitumen and aggregate suitable for construction of the surfacing of rehabilitated roads. A number of our members possess epensive milling and recycling equipment which is used to reclaim the old asphalt on a road, add addidtional bitumen and aggregate and relay a new pavement in a single operation.  This methodology is extremely economical and very attractive to the road authorities in the appropriate circumstances.
Marine Works Several of our members are based along the coast of East Africa and specialize in marine works for Kenya Ports Authority and the Ports Authorities of the adjacet countries.
Intake Works, Water Supply Distribution and Associated Works The public health engineering departments of the RACECA members undertake the construction of water supply projects throughout Eastern Africa and specialize in both the construction of Trunk Mains, Treatment Works and Water Supply Distribution systems in both Urban and Rural locations.
Dam Construction The construction of Earth and Concrete dams is a major activity of a number of RACECA members who specialize in this type of work and the complexities of ensuring the competence of Water Retention structures.
Major Earthworks RACECA Members are fully equipped with extensive Earth Moving Plant which enables them to provide the necessary expertise for the cutting of soft and hard materials and the placing and compaction of suitable materials in large embankments.
Major Bridges A number of RACECA members specialize in the construction of major bridges most of which are constructed of structural steel and span significant crossings such as the Tana and other large rivers in the region.