Ongoing Work at Metamaywa – Mosobeti Road Project Nyamira County


Hayer Bishan Singh and Sons Limited is a registered incorporated Company under CAP 486 of the Companies ACT LAWS OF KENYA. The company was founded in the late 1970s and became private incorporated limited by shares in January 1992. It has since been incorporated in Tanzania, Uganda, and South Sudan. The Main offices are located in Kisumu, Kisian – Bondo Road (Western Kenya). There is coordination office in Nairobi Unga House Westlands and Yard at Industrial Area as well as Regional Offices in Mombasa, Kilifi, and Juba.

The Company has a large fleet of a full range of construction equipment and operates its own stone quarry and crushing plant at Kisian, Kisumu and Jaribuni, Kilifi. Major construction plant include heavy earthmovers – dozers, scrapers, wheel loaders etc: heavy excavations – track excavators, track shovels, backhoes, trench excavators etc; earthwork and pavement processing – graders, pulvimixers, water tanks, heavy vibro rollers, harrows, sheep foot/grid rollers, tipper trucks, dump trucks etc; asphalt mixing and laying – hot premix plant, pavers, pneumatic rollers, asphalt rollers, asphalt cutter, asphalt milling/soil stabilizers stabilizers/reclaimer plant etc; concrete equipment – auto batch equipment, concrete mobile mixer, concrete transport trucks, concrete vibrators, concrete pump etc; general equipment – prime movers, generators, rock drill equipment, compressors, scaffolding, foundry, fabrication, cranes, folk lifts, fully equipped mechanical workshops, giraffe lights etc.

The Company staff consist of well trained and widely experienced professionals in the field of civil engineering, building, structural, water, sewerage, mechanical, electrical and electronics, information technology, project management. The Company reputed for astute project management, high quality of works with emphasis on finer details on precision, quality and workmanship. To achieve this; the company has a quality assurance programme for testing of the works and selection of input materials from reputable sources. Hayer Bishan Singh and Sons Ltd also lays high emphasis on environmental protection and for all operations, environmental policies and management are formulated and audit carried out. Emphasis is also laid on the restoration of the environment and enhancement of social and economic well being of those affected by and adjoining to the projects undertaken.

Since inception Hayer Bishan Singh & Sons Ltd has carried out works for major projects in construction of roads, bridges, airports, buildings, marine structures, infrastructures, and other capital investment projects. The company has a long association with the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Roads, Transport and Communication, Public Works, Local Government, Office of the President among others. In addition, the company has worked with such Government major organizations like Kenya Airports Authority, Mumias Sugar Company as well as in the private sector and International Organisations like UN-World Food Programme. Regionally the company has executed works in Uganda under the Ministry of Agriculture Animal Husbandry and Fisheries and in South Sudan with the Ministry of Transport and Roads and the UN-World Food Programme. In executing works by the relevant Contracting Agencies the company has associated and is familiar with the conditions of donor agencies and development partners like World Bank, African Development Bank/Fund, United Nations etc.

Hayer Bishan Singh & Sons Ltd. aims at expanding its operations within the larger East and Central African Region and diversifies in areas of specialized engineering works. The Company has also developed a unique lease hire programme aimed at capacity building and training of local upcoming contractors within the Region.