RACECA promotes the positive contribution that the civil engineering industry makes to the East African nations. The Industry is an integral part of the economy and RACECA members construct and maintain national infrastructure which is fundamental to both the social and economic needs of the countries.

Our Procedure

RACECA operates as a self regulatory body that helps the government in formulating and developing criteria for classification of road contractors and be the body charged with the keeping and updating of a road contractors register, developing a code of conduct, enforcing the same amongst its members and generally upholding professionalism in the fields of road and civil engineering construction.

RACECA develops local construction capacity by promoting and encouraging training of persons engaged in the work of roads and civil engineering construction by use of appropriate modern technology; engage in research and development, establish where practible suitable bodies for further education and generally encourage the universal adoption of tried and efficient standards conducive to ordered development.

Our Approach

RACECA enhances competitiveness through local joint ventures, partnerships and encourage by the way of support such as lending equipment and finance. Liaise with the Government, government financiers and other regulatory agencies on all matters affecting the industry and in the formulation of terms and conditions of contract relating to road and civil engineering construction. Publish documents and publications for the benefit of members of the association and the general public on matters of road construction and civil engineering.

Our Methodology

RACECA encourages the initiation and promotion of such legislation and other measures as may safeguard the free and unencumbered expansion of the Association. We participate in the social and economic development of the country and beyond its borders. We ensure fair representation as stakeholders in all bodies involved in the engineering and road construction sector. We foster national, regional and international co-operation with similar bodies on matters affecting road construction, civil engineering and all other matters related thereto.